We really appreciate all the messages and emails we receive every week by athletes looking for sponsorship. Here is how to get your name on a short list.

Choose your closest location below, and mail us your application by Postal Service. 

Do not email your application !

Here is what you need to send us:

  1. An Introduction Bio - Typed and printed or recorded on video, saved to a flash drive. Please note, all these items will not be returned.
  2. A couple of action photo's. It wouldn't hurt to see our gear in these pics.
  3. A summary of your Social Media followership.
  4. An up to date passport style head and shoulders Photo.

Present all this information professionally, and make sure you have someone proof read it for errors. Spelling mistakes are lame. 

Make sure not to send us any sensitive information. We're just looking for a general overview. To make sure the envelope gets to us, you can add a tracking service with your local postal service. 

What are your chances of getting sponsored?

Influence trumps results in our book, but if you're great at both or either one, we will take your application seriously. What this means, is if you have a great following on Instagram or Facebook, or you rank Top 10 every time you compete in your sport, then this is what we're weighing up.

What Sports or Activities Are Sponsored ?

Aerosphere is a flight experience brand. If whatever you do involves some form of flight on a bike, surfboard, snowboard, helicopter, wingsuit, kite surf, skateboard, aeroplane etc etc. then thats what we're into.

Addresses to Post to:

UK + Europe Athlete Sponsorship
13 Peppiatt Close
United Kingdom    
USA Athlete Sponsorship
PO Box
RSA Athlete Sponsorship
21 Woltemade St
Western cape
NZ + Australia Athlete Sponsorship
324 Mooloolaba Rd
Sunny QLD
Media Guru

We're always on the hunt for authentic user generated content. If you want to contribute photos, videos or have an insane ability to source great content from the web, then this is the place for you.

Send us an email with images, video or links to: media@aerosphereclothing.com

We'll review it and get back to you. Any content we use will always recognise you as the source.

Who knows, if you're really good at any of these media disciplines, it could turn into a full time paid media role with Aerosphere.

Thanks for the support and happy hunting.



If you are interested in becoming an Authorized Aerosphere™ Retailer, please email us at:  dealership@aerosphereclothing.com.

We will need to know the following information:

  1. Are you an active retailer with a physical store front
  2. Is the business premises commercial or home based 
  3. Do your product lines compliment our extreme sports demographic
  4. Do you retail online as well or exclusively. 
  5. If so, is your website an auction based style like amazon or eBay?

Reply with:

  • Your Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Contact name, email and telephone number

Based on your geographic location and business type, we will come back to you regarding the success of your application.

Thank you for your interest and support.





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